What Are The Top Learning Apps For Kids

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There has been a huge transformation in the field of education in the last couple of years. Education based upon institution is still predominant. But with the change in time, there has been a deep impact on the technique of education. The advancement in the latest technologies has made learning much more easy and interactive. The audio and visual enhancements have improved with modern technology and have influenced both teachers and students to teach and learn things in an interesting and reciprocative manner.

In today’s time, mobile phones and other smart gadgets have deeply influenced human lives. Now you can avail any services you want using mobile apps. For example right from travel planning to business conference, everything can be made possible as per your convenience with the help of mobile applications. The educational sector has also been blessed with technical upgradation. Now you can find plenty of learning apps for your kids in the market. You can choose the most suitable ones as per your requirements else you can approach a mobile app development company for your customized one.

In the following sections, you will come across some vital learning apps which can prove beneficial for your kids in making them academically fluent.

You can find many app development companies who are experts in creating learning apps for kids.

If you really want to make education fun and interesting for your kids, take note of the below-mentioned ones.

Amazon Kindle: This is one of the noteworthy learning apps apt for both kids and adults. It offers an eReader platform on your mobile devices. It contains tons of books which can be downloaded freely. It is also perfect to learn something new for beginners. It also facilitates in inculcating reading skills among your kids. People who are not fond of Kindle can look out for Nook or Google Play Books.

ClassDojo: It is also one of the vital learning apps which offer an experience of virtual classroom style. With the help of this app teachers, parents and students can interact with each other. Teachers can interact with students with respect to their educational requirements, kids can get proper attention needed for quality education and parents can remain updated about their kids’ educational progress. In other words, it acts as a positive communication and reinforcement tool to keep everyone in a single loop.

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Duolingo: If you are planning to make your kids learn a new language, then this one would be best suited for you. It supports different languages- German, Spanish, French, English, Dutch, Irish, Danish, etc. The most interesting thing about this app is that it is totally free to use and download. No hidden fees are involved and in-app purchases are optional. As per the opinion of the developers of this app, if you invest 34 hours in using this application, it is equal to a University’s semester.

DragonBox Series: This app contains educational games which can enable your kids to have a strong hold on the fundamentals of Maths. It has a total of 5 learning apps for kids. Some of them are ideal for geometry while some others are used for algebra. But all of them deal with numbers. Maths pose lots of problems for all especially during school days. But with this app learning the basic concepts of Maths becomes easy. You need to pay for all 5 educational games but none have in-app purchases.

Khan Academy Kids: This is another popular learning app available for free. It contains diverse topics and lessons for kids. The subjects range from- language, simple maths, motor skills, reading, etc. Apart from these, it has categories such as critical thinking, emotional lessons, etc. There are adorable animal characters in this app which gives it a friendly look and feel. It works well for both parents and teachers to groom their kids as bright students. It is available on Google Play and there are no advertisements or in-app purchases involved.

Conclusion: This post has dealt with some important learning apps for your kids. These apps created by a mobile app development company enable in making education a fun discipline for your kids. Most of the apps discussed above are free of cost and you can avail any one of them to meet your objectives.